The Inclusion Unit Mission Statement

Kirkby College’s ethos is Teaching & Learning. The aim of the Inclusion unit is to support Staff, Students and Parents in achieving this goal. The IU staff will work in a variety of ways to support and /or modify behaviour to meet the individual’s needs with a view to get the student back into mainstream education as soon as possible.

What happens in the IU?

The IU is split into two distinctive sides. The first being the Quiet room where:

  1. Students are isolated for a period of time (internal isolation) rather than being fixed term excluded at home, or
  2. Students are sent to the IU from a lesson for a severe breach of the school Code of conduct They are then give a Restorative pack to complete (see attachment). Part 1 of this pack is completed by the student and this gives them a chance to reflect on their behaviour/actions and its effect on themselves, the teacher and other students. They can then consider how they should respond in similar situations in the future and what they want others to do differently. Part 2 is completed by an IU staff member with the student focussing on attitude to the process and repairing the harm done eg An apology. Part 3 is completed by the class teacher with the student to resolve the problem ideally prior to next lesson together.

The second area in the Inclusion unit is for targeted classroom work with the LSA’s doing specific schemes of work aimed at the individual students’ needs eg Anger management, ADHD & ME. This classroom work is over a set number of weeks and is often followed up with the LSA giving in class support.

Hyperlinks to resources used by IU:

SPACE ( School Partnership, Alternative Centre for Education) Provision which Kirkby College refer students to.

The SPACE Learning Centre was established by the four schools of North Ashfield and provides alternative education programmes at both KS3 and KS4, to support the progress of young people. Students are referred to the Centre via the School Behaviour and Attendance Partnership (SBAP).


At KS3 the focus is on early intervention. The SPACE Learning Centre offers a range of short-term, skills-based programmes where students work in much smaller groups than those they are used to in school. The centre is an alternative place of learning and allows students to access education programmes in a different way, with the aim of re-engaging them.

Although a different environment, the expectations for both behavior and learning at the SPACE Learning Centre remain the same as those in school, for example students attend in their school uniform. Students are transported to and from their school by minibus and free school meals are catered for.

Throughout a course, the progress of students is monitored; students receive a grade and report for each session.

KS3 Courses

All of the courses are reviewed on a termly basis. The following are examples of the programmes that run:

• Community Project

The Community Project is a 12 week course. Students work in a small group on an outdoor project that benefits the local community. Currently, students are re-developing and maintaining community allotments in Sutton; students clear and prepare the ground, construct buildings for storage, construct beds and poly tunnels for planting, and learn the basics of horticulture. Alongside the physical work, students are required to look at their own social and communication skills.

• Construction/Carpentry

We run a number of courses that involve construction and carpentry. Within our centre students are regularly involved in construction projects and have built entire classrooms under the guidance of staff. Additionally we also offer a regular 6 week carpentry programme for students who are practically minded. Over the six weeks, students use a variety of woodwork skills to produce a stool that can be taken home.

• Trade Craft – Plumbing

Plumbing is also a 6 week course where students learn the fundamentals of plumbing and are given their own system to plumb and test. Throughout the course students are instructed in health and safety principles and learn the best ways to avoid getting wet!

• Trade Craft – Painting and Decorating

Painting and decorating is a 6 week course. Students are given an area of the SPACE learning centre to prepare and decorate under the supervision of staff. They are instructed in the techniques required to achieve a high level of finish and the appropriate routines for health and safety.

• Trade Craft – Roof maintenance

Roof maintenance is a 6 week course. The course covers all aspects of roof maintenance and students prepare and tile their own section of roof (albeit inside and at floor level), which is tested to ensure it is watertight. Students cover all of the health and safety issues associated with the trade and are instructed the correct use of safety equipment and tools.

• Graffiti Art Project

A six week course in Graffiti Art Skills including basic techniques, history and theory behind both Graffiti and street art, a visit to St Anne’s Youth Club Free Wall, and the design and completion of a display piece for local client. This course is popular with both male and female students, particularly those with an artistic streak and those with an interest in graffiti. The program covers legal issues, the relationship between graffiti and gang culture, and issues within the wider community.

• Cycle Maintenance

Cycle Maintenance is a 6 week course aimed at students with a practical mindset and an interest in biking. During the course students re-build a mountain bike and are taught personal safety and instructed in the correct use of safety equipment and tools.

• Baby Think it Over

Baby Think It Over is a 6 week course looking at life with a newborn baby, the challenges this creates, the needs of a child, parenting responsibilities, financial and social implications. The course also involves an additional full day off-site with baby simulators that will also go home with the students for a weekend. The program is aimed at students who may be at risk of becoming young parents and whilst it is predominantly targeted at Year 9 girls, we have offered the course to all ages.


Recently the centre launched a new initiative for KS4 students. Aimed at those who have found traditional approaches to mainstream education a challenge, the programme based at our new ‘Apollo’ centre is an opportunity to work in smaller classes within a different type of learning environment. Students receive a balanced curriculum, whilst sitting a smaller number of qualifications.

The expectations are the same as school; students complete core studies and work respectfully with staff at the centre. However, students benefit from fewer distractions and from the additional pastoral support offered to them on a daily basis. Students wear their school uniform and follow a timetable of studies and activities.

Students study English, English Literature, Maths, IT (ECDL) and Interactive Media. Additionally students are able to opt into shorter courses in Sport, Art and Child Development.

Initially students access the provision for a transition period, which if successful, may lead to them returning to their full-time studies at school. However, it is recognized that many students will need to access the provision for a more sustained period of time and may stay on for the duration of their studies.

Students access the programme for up to four days a week at the SPACE Learning Centre, with provision at an alternative site for the remainder of their week. All students on the programme receive careers information, advice and guidance, and support for future progression.

For more information visit:

Outside agency contact details:

CAMHS – Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service 01623 650921

Parent & Carer support group – 01623 602640

Young carers – 0115 9473023

WAM (‘What about me’ support for young people whose family members are affected by drug and/or alcohol use) – 01623 635330

Smoking cessation – 0800 3897712

Hetty’s – a support network for parent, carers, family and friends of drug and/or alcohol users offering access to confidential advice support & information – 01623862449

The link for our most up to date Ofsted report is on our latest Ofsted section on this website, the letter that was sent to all parents is on our letters page. Thank you