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As from 1st September 2011 Kirkby College has revised the school’s Attendance Policy in line with the Local Authority. Research indicates that a low level of attendance has a detrimental effect on learning and progress. 15 days of absence a school year will result in 92.1% attendance and the research indicates that 17 missed school days a school year will result in a full GCSE grade drop, in fact only 25% of students with attendance below 90% will achieve GCSE grades A*-C.

The Department for Education advice is:

If the Principal does not give permission for a holiday absence during term time and the holiday is taken, the absence will be marked as unauthorised and a Penalty Notice may be issued for each child on returning to school. In the exceptional circumstances noted above, and with an accompanying letter of explanation or supporting evidence, permission may be granted, the absence will still be recorded as unauthorised, but a penalty notice will NOT be issued.

Attached is the  attendance letter sent out to parents/carers by the Principal in July 2011 (a second letter of notice was sent September 2011).


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