Important Dates

Open Days are Tuesday 22nd and Thursday 30th September 9.15am and 1.15pm each day.
These are for all Year 5 and 6 pupils and their parents.

Year 4 students will be coming into Kirkby College on:

28th November for English and Performing Arts

6th February for Science

19th June for Languages

Year 5 students will be coming into Kirkby College on:

10th October for Maths

13th March for Technology

3rd July for Social Studies


Pupils from our local primaries have thoroughly enjoyed their sessions here at Kirkby College.  Each of the feeder primaries have had the opportunity to send the Year 5 pupils for a two hour session of vocational education, they did 2 hours on each of the two subject areas (Hair & Beauty and Motor Vehicle), taking home painted false nails, designs for hair styles and knowledge of how to change a wheel, balancing tyres, legal tyre depth and best of all, enjoyed a hot chocolate in the break!








Admission interviews for the Kirkby College New Intake pupils and their parents happen between March 20th and April 21st 2017.

Parents’ Meeting just for the parents of the New Intake pupils is 6.15pm until 7.45pm on Wednesday 5th July.

New Intake Days for the pupils on Thursday 13th and Friday 14th July 2017.

At Kirkby College we realise that moving up to secondary school can be a very worrying time for both parents and children. To try to alleviate any concerns or worries we use a variety of practices which begin early in Year 5 and become more wide ranging in Year 6. These include the sharing of information between schools; visits to schools by prospective teachers, children and their parents; the distribution of booklets; talks at schools; taster days and other joint events between schools. Students are usually invited to take part in sessions or projects beforehand; in English and Performing Arts, Maths, Languages, Science, Social Studies and Technology.

Such activities aim to achieve a good balance between academic and social concerns and promote five aspects of a successful transition for children:

Children who feel they have had a lot of help from their secondary school to settle in are more likely to have a successful, positive transition experience. Support of this kind at Kirkby College includes help with getting to know their way around the school, procedures to help students adapt, visits to schools either by whole classes from primary schools or for families where they can see examples of work and sample some lessons; induction/taster days and personal interviews. These confidential interviews provide an ideal opportunity to discuss any appropriate personal or health issues with a member of staff that you feel may affect their wellbeing at school, or to ask any questions you may have about Kirkby College.

On arrival at Kirkby College we structure the first day of the Autumn term so that Year 7 children are the only students at the school and can experience the space and facilities without other students around.

Children need to understand what is expected of them in secondary school, be prepared for the level and style of work and realise that they will be challenged to build on progress at primary school. They will need to appreciate there could well be a rigorous homework policy and that they will be held more responsible for their learning, maybe having to devise strategies for learning independently, with a clear goal of academic achievement. They need to be aware that attendance at school at all times is vital (except, of course, in the case of illness).

It is important to address any mismatch of expectations of life and work in secondary school on the part of children, and the reality of it. We constantly review our transition provision and its usefulness by means of parent surveys and liaison with primary school teachers in order to continually improve the experience for students.

Top Tips for Parents to Ease Transition to Kirkby College

To help your child settle in at school you can:

Some quotes from Year 7 students written to their old Primary schools

‘I am writing to tell you about how awesome Kirkby College is. I’d start by saying that the canteen and all the foods kept inside, and that it is the best part of the day.
It’s also a great school so you don’t have to worry about making new friends I made a couple of new friends with in the first week. ‘ ……………. Harry

Dear Year 6,
‘If you are feeling worried about moving up then don’t be. You can get used to it really easy. Some concerns that you might have is friends, getting lost and most importantly homework.
……… You will be in small classes called tutors who will help you around and if you get lost just ask someone to help they would love to.’ ……………… Ethan

Dear Year 6 (Kingsway)
I’m writing to tell you that Kirkby College is absolutely FANTASTIC! It’s the best school ever. Teachers, lessons, food, everything awesome it’s too amazing to hold in so I’m going to tell you now. …….
The teachers. At primary school you have one teacher that you get bored of but at Kirkby College you have loads that you never get bored of and it doesn’t matter if you do because you change teachers. ……….
I could go on all day but because I can’t I’ll stop now but as you know Kirkby College is the best school ever and that’s why you should come and become enchanted by our wonderful school.’

‘I am currently getting 1:1 help from 6th formers because I am too clever for the work I am doing in class’. (1:1 help is not just for people struggling with work).
…’firstly I’ve made a new friend. I first met him in PE when we were both doing our favourite sport badminton. Now we both do after school badminton club.
I now have a Panini every lunch and my favourite subjects are Biology, ICT and Music. So I think I’m settling in perfectly.’ Peter

‘No-one will let you struggle, you can always ask for help.
There’s no need to worry at Kirkby College. You will enjoy it a lot’ Harrison

‘Don’t worry about your friends if they go to a different school because you make friends easy.
In PE you do all sorts of sports. Boys do football whilst girls do netball. You sometimes go to festival hall and work in the gym’ Demi

‘I have a large group of friends and have started to settle in here……. I’m getting used to the early mornings. The work is hard but it helps me learn …..’ Brendan

‘I’ve had a great time in Kirkby College so far. In maths I’m particularly proud of a test where I scored a 7B.’… In catering we have made a variety of delicious foods including pizza, pizza wheels, veggie soup, pasta and strawberry cream meringue.
I have got above 40 reward points ………….. I’m having a great time so far at Kirkby College’ Rhys

Street Dancing

Maths Day report

Just before the half term holiday, approximately 130 Year 5 children from the Feeder primary schools came up for an exciting session of Maths activities.

The theme of the session was using calculators and the pupils did a variety of activities including a crossword using the calculator upside down!!

This was thoroughly enjoyed by (almost!) all the pupils and there was great excitement completing the tasks.
Comments included
“It was brilliant!”
“Wish we could do this more often”
“Didn’t know you do this with calculators”
“Didn’t think maths could be this good fun”

Language Day Report

Year 4 pupils from Newstead, Morven Park and Annesley Primary Schools are all now able to ask for breakfast in French. They know several parts of their body, in French and can suggest where certain French foods come from!

All this because they had an interesting couple of hours with the Languages teachers- Mr Hayden, Miss Dove and Miss Lounds- on Monday morning.

Mr Hayden’s groups were assisted by two Year 8 students who were there to serve the food and check that all the students asked politely in French, for each of the individual breakfast foods.

In the Performance Hall, the students learnt the parts of the body- including head, hands, feet, arms and legs- and played a game to reinforce their learning.

Feedback from the Year 4 pupils was all positive. Especially popular was the French Breakfast session as the children enjoyed eating croissants, pain au chocolat and brioche- a type of French bread.

English and Performing Arts Report

This session was attended by three of our Feeder Primary Schools. The children enjoyed taking part in a structured literacy session, which involved planning and writing an alternative fairy tale story using Rory story cubes. Each student used the images on their cube to plan their own story. This activity was enjoyed by all of the children, as they were able to use their own creative flair and imagination. They were then able to complete the rest of their story in their own time or at their own Primary School.
The children enjoyed taking part in a Christmas Drama workshop covering several skills such as: mime, physical theatre, voice and spontaneous improvisation. Every child participated in group, paired and individual tasks, which developed their confidence and communication skills. From the reaction of the children, it was obvious that they thoroughly enjoyed all of the activities and sought to know more about the subject.
The children took part in a Samba workshop and were engaged in learning several performance skills such as: call and response, polyrhythmic performance and dynamic control. The music was heard in the whole of the lower school building, but it was obvious that this activity was enjoyed by all.
The children were accompanied by their teachers and LSAs from their own schools.
Social Studies – Empire Day

Year 5 pupils spent the morning completing a range of activities that linked to history, geography and RE. The day started with Mrs Smith demonstrating how many everyday items today some from around the globe. Year 5 then looked at patterns of trade and how the Empire still influences trade today. They found out which countries made up the Empire and where they were located before using their ideas to design their own Empire Day celebration plate. The very best ideas received prizes for students to take home.

World War 1 Day

The Year 5 pupils spent the morning or afternoon on 3 activities. They made poppies, wrote a poem or letter, wrote a dedication to a member of the local community who had lost their life in  WW1 and listened to a very moving presentation by one of our Learning Support Assistants about why we bought poppies and the work of the British Legion. This was based on personal experience and so made it very real for all who listened. The pupils also listened to and sang some war songs.


The link for our most up to date Ofsted report is on our latest Ofsted section on this website, the letter that was sent to all parents is on our letters page. Thank you