Important Dates

New intake parents evening (parents only) – 05.07.18  6pm – 7.30pm

Year 6 Transition Day – Wednesday 11.07.18

Year 6 Transition Day – Thursday 12.07.18



We have been running a series of workshops for the children from our feeder primary schools that have been identified as being more able in their Maths skills. They have covered a range of topics from golden ratio to fractions, to work on proportion and prime numbers. Our Maths teachers have been incredibly impressed with their maths skills, and have stretched and challenged the children with in-depth mathematical problems.



Abbey Hill and Morven Park have taken part in sessions with our PE department, and participated in Dodgeball and Rounders in our sports halls. Getting to know our teachers, the facilities, and their peers, are just a few of the many benefits of our transition mornings with our feeder schools



Modern Foreign Languages

We are running a small workshop for our feeder schools in French and Spanish, and is supporting those Year 4 children that have been identified as more able in their language skills by their primary school teachers. The last session we will run will see parents invited to see what the children have been learning, and sampling French and Spanish foods


Street Dancing

This term, we have attended Morven Park and Annesley primary schools to run a series of Street Dancing Workshops with year 4 and year 5 children, and a professionally trained dance teacher. This culminated in a performance at Kirkby College on 18th May 2018 which was extremely well attended by parents and carers.

Design Technology

Year 5 children designed and made badges, which they were then able to take home. In catering, the children made pizza pin wheels – which smelled delicious! They prepared, cooked and cleaned up after themselves, and were very impressed with the results!


Still on our transition calendar for the rest of this academic year is a literacy day in June for all year 6s that are coming to us in September, as well as Year 5 mornings in Social Studies and Languages.


At Kirkby College we realise that moving up to secondary school can be a very worrying time for both parents and children. To try to alleviate any concerns or worries we use a variety of practices which begin early in Year 5 and become more wide ranging in Year 6. These include the sharing of information between schools; visits to schools by prospective teachers, children and their parents; the distribution of booklets; talks at schools; taster days and other joint events between schools. Students are usually invited to take part in sessions or projects beforehand; in English and Performing Arts, Maths, Languages, Science, Social Studies and Technology.

Such activities aim to achieve a good balance between academic and social concerns and promote five aspects of a successful transition for children:

Children who feel they have had a lot of help from their secondary school to settle in are more likely to have a successful, positive transition experience. Support of this kind at Kirkby College includes help with getting to know their way around the school, procedures to help students adapt, visits to schools either by whole classes from primary schools or for families where they can see examples of work and sample some lessons; induction/taster days and personal interviews. These confidential interviews provide an ideal opportunity to discuss any appropriate personal or health issues with a member of staff that you feel may affect their wellbeing at school, or to ask any questions you may have about Kirkby College.

On arrival at Kirkby College we structure the first day of the Autumn term so that Year 7 children are the only students at the school and can experience the space and facilities without other students around.

Children need to understand what is expected of them in secondary school, be prepared for the level and style of work and realise that they will be challenged to build on progress at primary school. They will need to appreciate there could well be a rigorous homework policy and that they will be held more responsible for their learning, maybe having to devise strategies for learning independently, with a clear goal of academic achievement. They need to be aware that attendance at school at all times is vital (except, of course, in the case of illness).

It is important to address any mismatch of expectations of life and work in secondary school on the part of children, and the reality of it. We constantly review our transition provision and its usefulness by means of parent surveys and liaison with primary school teachers in order to continually improve the experience for students.

Top Tips for Parents to Ease Transition to Kirkby College

To help your child settle in at school you can:

Some quotes from this years Year 7 students

I enjoyed making bookends in Resistant Materials – Jack

Learning poetry in English has been really good – Chloe

I enjoy PE, it is fun – Liam

Music is fun, I love it! – Julie

I enjoy Science, we have done lots of experiments – Chloe

I have made lots of new friends since being in Year 7 – Joshuah

I am looking forward to going on our trip to Normandy in France – Hannah

I enjoy Maths as I like learning new things, and I like my teacher – Demi

I enjoy everything in Year 7 because the work is challenging – Bradley

I get good grades and I have won Accelerated Reader Millionaire Award – Kane