Which subjects are in our faculty?

  • English language
  • English literature

What do we do?

In the English faculty we endeavour to inspire students to open their mind to the beauty of the English language and find their voice in the world.

Across key stage 3, students access high-quality English lessons designed to teach them how to speak, read and write fluently, so that they can communicate their ideas and emotions with confidence and accuracy. Through reading a range of texts, students develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually. Our curriculum is built around reading brilliantly crafted novels, plays and poetry across time. All students acquire new vocabulary, extend their knowledge, and reflect on previous learning.

Our curriculum through key stage 3 includes:

  • Year 7 – students focus on ‘heroes and villains across time’, reading and studying a range of texts from the crime and mystery genre, Shakespeare, timeless stories such as ‘Treasure Island’ and those in myth and legend
  • Year 8 – students explore texts with a focus on ’people and perspectives’. They deepen their appreciation of Shakespeare and read and study a range of texts including those within the gothic genre, and from different cultures and traditions
  • Year 9 – taking students on a journey of self-discovery with a focus on ’identity’. Students read and study classic texts such as ‘Of Mice and Men’, ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘Animal Farm’ in preparation for GCSE.

All texts, across all years, act as springboards for engaging students in writing for different purposes (including: stories, poems, letters, diaries, and non-fiction) and build upon their speaking and listening skills which underpin the development of their reading and writing, in turn supporting their personal development and confidence.

Students are encouraged to be reflective learners in English at key stage 3 so that they are prepared for success at GCSE. Many effective strategies are encouraged within the classroom, including Flipped Learning (getting prepared ahead of lessons), Robust Reading (reading for pleasure and to consolidate understanding) and Do Nows (consolidation of learning spaced across the Key Stage).

What enrichment is on offer?

  • Theatre visits – including ‘Poetry Live’
  • Guest speakers
  • Workshops and academic lectures – linked to studied texts
  • Celebration days – Myths and Legends; National Poetry Day; Black History Month; World Kindness day; National short story competition; World Book Day; Shakespeare Day; World Book Night; Pride Month and Summer Reading Challenges.


Head of faculty – Miss Joanne Walker

Email address: jwalker@kirkbycollege.notts.sch.uk