Which subjects are in our faculty?

  • ICT
  • Business studies

What do we do?

Over key stage 3, the ICT and business faculty prepare students to enter key stage 4 with a broad underpinning knowledge of ICT and how the world of ICT affects them. Students will get to understand that ICT is not just programming computers but learning how to use computers for maximum effect.

ICT and business also ensures that students are fully aware of the difficulties and dangers which the world of computing offers and how to stay safe and who contact for help

 At key stage 4, students have the opportunity to work towards two qualifications:

  • Interactive media (or iMedia) – covering digital graphic, website design and interactive multimedia products, including development of a digital product
  • Level 2 business studies – about acquiring business knowledge and understanding, together with a large synoptic project using learned knowledge to advise a business expansion scenario

What enrichment is on offer?

  • Programming club – including Python, Scratch and Flash
  • Development of Kirkby College web channel


Head of faculty – Mr John Denness

Email: jdenness@kirkbycollege.notts.sch.uk