What we do

Our Maths lessons are structured to build confidence in our students; there is always a ‘do now’ task when students enter the room which draws upon prior knowledge. Teachers then deliver the lesson content using instruction and questioning using worked examples and notes before students embark on their own independent work (with help available should they need it, of course).

Higher-level mathematical terminology and language is used throughout Key stages 3 and 4, resulting in greater fluency and fewer misconceptions when learning new skills.

Our Maths teachers are all subject specialists who are passionate about all things mathematical –  they endeavour to pass this passion on to our students while developing their skills within a comprehensive understanding of Maths.

What subjects are in our faculty?

  • Maths

During years 7 to 9, students learn about all the different aspects of maths preparing them for our two-year GCSE course, where exam technique is developed alongside new materials.

We aim to develop fluency, reasoning, and problem-solving skills, so students can progress from being able to perform the fundamental skills of maths to make generalisations and solve a variety of problems, involving routine and non-routine situations.

In year 11, students sit regular practice papers so teachers can identify any gaps in knowledge and act to fill them as efficiently as possible.

What enrichment is on offer?

  • Numeracy Ninjas – a competitive way to develop skills further, undertaken during tutor time


Head of faculty – Mr Matthew Guy

Email address: mguy@kirkbycollege.notts.sch.uk