Which subjects are in our faculty?

  • Music
  • Drama

What do we do?

We encourage all students to develop a love of music and drama through performance in class, in concerts and in shows. Students are supported in exploring new ways of expressing themselves.

All students study music at key stage three and have the option to study music or drama at GCSE level when they begin key stage 4.

In our supportive environment, our older students mentor our younger ones, giving them a sense of achievement and pride in how far they have come in their musical journey.

What enrichment is on offer?

  • Two concerts a year – open to all students, regardless of ability
  • Piano, guitar and drum lessons – available for students delivered by specialist instrumental staff
  • Dance club (key stage 3 students)


Head of faculty – Mr Andrew Beighton

Email address: abeighton@kirkbycollege.notts.sch.uk