Which subjects are in our faculty?

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

What do we do?

Science is a core subject, and all students must study the subject in some format until the end of year 11. Learning science enables our students to understand the world around them and their role in it – the importance of science to society and why it is important to be an active and questioning member of that society. The study of science supports the development of skills such as planning and conducting investigations, gathering information through investigations and other research, teamwork, and evaluating your findings.

Core practical lessons bring science to life and emphasise the relevance of science in everyday life.   Assessments are designed to allow all students to succeed and vary from written examinations to designing and carrying out investigations.

During your biology studies, you will cover the following topics:

  • Key concepts in biology
  • Cells and control
  • Genetics
  • Natural selection and genetic modification
  • Health, disease and the development of medicines
  • Plant structures and their functions
  • Animal coordination, control and homeostasis
  • Exchange and transport in animals
  • Ecosystems and material cycles


  • Key concepts in chemistry
  • States of matter and mixtures
  • Chemical changes
  • Extracting metals and equilibria
  • Groups in the periodic table
  • Rates of reaction and energy changes
  • Fuels and Earth science

You will study the following key concepts of physics:

  • Motion and forces
  • Conservation of energy
  • Waves
  • Light and the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Radioactivity
  • Energy – Forces doing work
  • Forces and their effects
  • Electricity and circuits
  • Magnetism and the motor effect

What enrichment is on offer?

  • Curriculum visits, including to Magna Science Adventure Centre and The National Space Centre
  • Visiting exhibitions from planetarium


Acting head of faculty – Mr Brad Heard

Email address: bheard@kirkbycollege.notts.sch.uk