We work hard to meet the needs of all our students and support them in their learning. We believe that teachers should be able to teach and learners should be able to learn. We have high expectations of behaviour to achieve this goal.

In agreement and in partnership with other local academies, we have a stated aim that we will do everything possible to avoid using permanent exclusion as a sanction.

Kirkby Engagement in Education Provision – KEEP

Where students are not able to meet our expectations and their conduct is detrimental to the learning and/or safety of other students, we offer support through KEEP. Students are referred to KEEP through our pastoral system. The referral process will detail issues surrounding the student and interventions which have previously been used to support the student’s behaviour.

KEEP offers students the opportunity to improve themselves and deal with issues they face in an appropriate setting while continuing their development and education. Students who attend KEEP follow a programme of intervention to support them in returning to the main site. Normal academy rules apply and progress is regularly reviewed with staff, parents/careers and other professionals.

KEEP is not a permanent solution. Students who are referred for intervention are expected to engage with the programme in order to work towards a full time return to the academy.