Faculty name:   English        Faculty Leader: Mrs K Golden

 Explanation of what the faculty covers


The study and understanding of a range of literary and non-literary texts, including Shakespeare, contemporary plays, poetry, novels and non-fiction texts such as: websites, magazines, articles, etc.

The conventions of different text types and how to write for a specific genre.

 What we do at Key Stage 3

 Schemes of work at Key Stage 3 are skills based and through topics, focus on the acquisition and development of a range of reading and writing skills. There is a significant focus on the development of spelling, punctuation and grammar skills.

 What we do at Key Stage 4

 Year 11 students study the EDEXCEL syllabus for GCSE English Language and English Literature. Students in Year 10 study the AQA syllabus. In the English Language course, students develop their skills in:

·       Selecting and using quotations from the text

·       Inferring and interpreting meaning from what is read

·       Analysing how language choices create effects

·       Analysing how structural choices create effects

·       Comparing the perspectives of different writers

·       Critically evaluating texts

·       Creating and structuring their own writing

·       Communicating with an audience

·       Spelling, punctuation and grammar

In the English Literature course, students study:

·       ‘Romeo and Juliet’

·       ‘A Christmas Carol’

·       ‘Lord of the Flies’ or ‘Blood Brothers’

·       AQA Poetry Anthology

 What we do at Key Stage 5

 Students study AQA A’Level English Literature. For coursework, the students complete a comparison of two texts over different time periods. This year, the texts are House of Mirth and Pride and Prejudice.

At this time, the set texts for the exam are: Birdsong; My Boy Jack; World War 1 Poetry Anthology and The Great Gatsby; Love Poetry Through the Ages, Measure for Measure.















The school is open from 4th January 2021 for vulnerable and key worker students only.