What is Extended Services?

Extended Services is about providing a range of services and activities that take place outside of the school day that meet the needs and interests of the whole community. So if you want to know where your nearest sports club is or you would like to improve your IT skills and undertake a computer course we may be able to help you.

The main areas of Extended Services are :

What are the benefits of Extended Services?

Where will I be able to access these services?

These services can be provided on the school site or school will be able to direct you to the service you require locally, or provide you with relevant information. Teachers and teaching assistants will not run all of these services and provisions, other organisations such as local sports clubs, Children Centres and parenting organisations will also be involved.

Extended Services and YOU

If you would like more information on Extended Services please contact Extended Services Coordinator, Kelly Halliday at Kirkby College on 01623 455925 or e-mail khalliday@kirkbycollege.notts.sch.uk

The school is open from 4th January 2021 for vulnerable and key worker students only.