Computer Science & Business Studies

Computing in Year 7 by term:

Computer Systems

Programming Scratch

E-Safety and Computer Security

Game Creation


Introduction to Python (Programming Basics)

Creating Animations.


Computing in Year 8 by term:

3D Modelling

Digital Media Creation

Database Development

Website Development

Spreadsheets & Data Modelling

Micro:bit programming

Python Programming

Animation Development

Graphic Design


Computing in Year 9 by term: 2 year course

Year 1

Term 1                                                Assessment

System Architecture                          Computer Systems

Computer Memory                            Written Paper 1 hour & 30 mins

Algorithms                                          40 % of total GCSE

Programming Techniques

Term 2                                               Computational thinking

Computer Storage                              Written Paper 1 hour & 30 mins

Systems Software                               40 % of total GCSE

Wired and Wireless Network

Producing Robust Programs             Programming Project

Term 3                                               Controlled Assessment

Network topologies                             20% of total GCSE

Data Representation Additional

Programming Techniques

Year 2

Term 1

Ethical, legal, cultural environment

Controlled Assessment

Term 2

Controlled Assessment

System security

Term 3

Exam Revision


GCSE Business Studies


A291 Marketing and Enterprise           A292 Business and People

Assessment: Controlled Assessment Assesment Written Paper 1 hour

25% of qualification                           25% of qualification

Market Segments                                     Types of Business Ownership

Socio – Economic Groups                      Integration and Growth

Mass, Niche and Test Markets              Location factors

Primary and Secondary research         Why businesses Exist

SWOT Analysis                                        Understanding stakeholders and their needs

Unique Selling Points (USP)                Business Aims & Objectives

The Marketing Mix (4 P’s)                    Social Enterprises

Place and e-commerce                           Industry & deindustrialisation

Promotion                                                Recruitment & Selection

Sponsorship                                            Training and its importance

Franchising, Marketing and Ethics Motivation

Customer Service                                   Employment Law & Trade Unions

Enterprise                                               The functional areas of a business

Controlled Assessment                        Communication & ICT


A293 Production Finance & External Businesses

Assessment: Written Paper 1 & 30 mins

50% of qualification

Types of Production

Importance of adding Value

Efficiency in Production

Scale and quality of production

Production Costs and revenues

Break Even

Sources of finance

Cash flow forecasting


Competitive Markets

The government and competition

Environmental Issues

Sustainable production

Government and environmental issues

Taxation, interest and exchange rates

Consumer incomes and inflation


Trade with Europe and other Partner







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