The Inclusion Unit Mission Statement

Kirkby College’s ethos is Teaching & Learning. The aim of the Inclusion unit is to support Staff, Students and Parents in achieving this goal. The IU staff will work in a variety of ways to support and /or modify behaviour to meet the individual’s needs with a view to get the student back into mainstream education as soon as possible.

What happens in the IU?

The IU is split into two distinctive sides. The first being the Quiet room where:

  1. Students are isolated for a period of time (internal isolation) rather than being fixed term excluded at home, or
  2. Students are sent to the IU from a lesson for a severe breach of the school Code of conduct They are then give a Restorative pack to complete (see attachment). Part 1 of this pack is completed by the student and this gives them a chance to reflect on their behaviour/actions and its effect on themselves, the teacher and other students. They can then consider how they should respond in similar situations in the future and what they want others to do differently. Part 2 is completed by an IU staff member with the student focussing on attitude to the process and repairing the harm done eg An apology. Part 3 is completed by the class teacher with the student to resolve the problem ideally prior to next lesson together.

The second area in the Inclusion unit is for targeted classroom work with the LSA’s doing specific schemes of work aimed at the individual students’ needs eg Anger management, ADHD & ME. This classroom work is over a set number of weeks and is often followed up with the LSA giving in class support.

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The school is open from 4th January 2021 for vulnerable and key worker students only.