The Learning Support Faculty works to ensure provision is in place to support students with additional needs. The Faculty has 4 Higher Level Teaching Assistants who provide excellent support in one of 4 units;

Nurture Group: is designed to cater for the needs of a small group of students primarily at Key Stage 3 although not exclusively, who have difficulty coping with the demands of the mainstream curriculum and are working well below age related expectations. It offers a caring and supportive environment to ensure all students make progress and feel successful in their achievements.

The Hub: the purpose of the Hub is to provide additional support to students with specific needs at any one particular time, whether it be coping with autism or experiencing problems around emotional health and well- being, all of which impact on the student’s ability to learn effectively. Access to the Hub can be for one lesson or for an extended period of time depending on individual need.

The Literacy Centre: provides additional support for students who have low levels of literacy and are not reaching age related expectations. Several different interventions are used which are tailored to meet the needs of the individual student and students can be withdrawn on a short term basis or if a higher level of need exists they will attend for an extended period of time.

The Numeracy Centre: the aim is to deliver 1:1 or small group intervention for those students who have struggled to reach expected targets at the end of Key Stage 2. Intervention in Year 7 will provide students with the platform to cope in mainstream Maths lessons. Other students may need further support which can extend throughout Key Stage 3 and into Key Stage 4

The faculty also provides in class support with a team of experienced Learning Support Assistants (LSAs), who take the lead from the class teacher as to how support is provided, whether that is 1:1 intensive work, small group tuition or whole class support.

What we do at Key Stage 3

The faculty delivers, through the HLTAs 1:1 work or small group intervention particularly with Years 7 and 8 using literacy and numeracy programmes to improve skills in reading writing and maths. Students with additional needs are also supported in class by LSAs.

What we do at Key Stage 4

Students are supported in lessons by LSAs to help them access work and achieve qualifications or accreditation in chosen subjects. A very small group of students may still access the other units at this stage working closely with HLTAs.

What we do at Key Stage 5

Students are supported in class by LSAs particularly when students chose vocational subjects but may still need support with their literacy skills.


The school is open from 4th January 2021 for vulnerable and key worker students only.