Faculty name:  Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Explanation of what the faculty covers:

Language teaching at Kirkby College is led and delivered by a team of well qualified subject specialists in French and Spanish.

All students are taught French on entry in Year 7 and the majority are given the opportunity to start studying Spanish from Year 8.

From Year 9, there is an expectation that students who are preparing for EBacc will continue to study French, Spanish or both.  All students are given the opportunity to study a language to GCSE level.  In order to support their language learning and bring history to life, students are provided with the chance to spend five days in Normandy during Year 7 & Year 8.

What we do at Key Stage 3:

In French students loosely follow the studio course and Spanish is based on Mira Express.  We cover a range of grammar, context and skills to prepare them for further study and build confidence in communicating in French and/or Spanish.

What we do at Key Stage 4:

Students work towards the AQA GCSE in French and/or Spanish.  They are taught in relatively small groups and are encouraged to speak and write spontaneously on the themes of: Identity and Culture, Local, National, International and Global areas of interest, Current & Future Study and Employment.

What we do at Key Stage 5:

There is currently no language teaching at KS5.  However, we offer “A” Level French to students who are interested.

The school is open from 4th January 2021 for vulnerable and key worker students only.