Below are the timings of our academy day:

8.40amReady to Learn
8.55amPeriod 1
9.45amPeriod 2
10.55amPeriod 3
11.45amPeriod 4
1.30pmPeriod 5
2.20pmPeriod 6

Please note – At present we have adapted the academy timetable to meet to statutory guidance from the government around Covid-19. This only affects break and lunch times, not the start and end of the academy day. When this guidance is updated we will revert back to our ‘traditional’ timings and update the website accordingly.

Period 7

We are pleased to be able to continue to offer ‘after-school’/ period 7 classes for year 11 students in preparation for their summer 2021 GCSE exams. These take place on the following evenings from 3.20 – 4.20p.m.

  • Tuesday – English
  • Wednesday – Maths
  • Thursday – Science
  • Friday – World studies (history, geography and languages), music and physical education