Pastoral system and support

We strive to support students achieve their full potential, developing not only their academic strengths, but also additional talents: sporting, musical, creative, social and emotional. Our pastoral system consists of four houses:

  • Byron
  • Cresswell
  • Sillitoe
  • Larwood

Each house is composed of smaller tutor groups which are normally formed ‘vertically’ (they contain students from years 7-10). Please note that, during the Covid-19 pandemic, we have had to adapt this system due to operating within bubbles.

Form tutors see our students every day and are responsible for delivering our tutor time programme- this is aimed at developing the academic and pastoral needs of our students. Tutor time is also an opportunity to discuss any successes (both inside and outside Kirkby College) and provides the chance for students to discuss any concerns they may have with their tutor.

Alongside our house system we are fortunate to have a student services team, who can be called upon during break and lunchtime, if students feel that they need additional support.

Effective partnership between home and the academy is one of the key aspects of ensuring a happy and successful education for our students – to support this partnership, there are a range of ways in which home-academy communication is made:

  • Tutors – the tutor is the person who should know your child best and for all day-to-day issues and for this reason they are the best contact
  • Head of house – for ongoing or more serious issues
  • Attendance team – to discuss any aspect of your child’s attendance


Student progress is measured in each subject by an assessed piece of work six times per year. Staff use this test data, combined with teacher assessment to make a formal, internal report three times per year (as a summative grade). These grades are shared with parents/carers alongside a work-ethic grade at the end of each term with a summative, written report home once per year.

  • Key stage 3 progress is measured by a level –  Foundation, Developing, Secure, Excellence and Exceptional Performance
  • Key stage 4 progress is measured against GCSE grades
  • To ensure challenging but realistic targets, we set milestones for students based on key stage 2 performance and moderate this by using FFT data.

From this academic year (2020-2021), parents and carers are now able to see this progress data via the School Gateway app, if they download it to their device.