Our uniform consists of:

ItemsWhat is acceptable
Blazer and tie- Plain black blazer with Kirkby College badge
- Kirkby College academy tie
Shirt- Plain white short or long-sleeved shirt or blouse with formal collar
- Buttoned to the neck, and tucked in
Trousers- Plain black trousers
- Straight or boot-cut
Skirt- Plain black
- Loose fitting and knee length
Jumper- Plain black v-neck jumper
- Optional - to be worn in addition to a blazer
Socks or tights- Plain, dark coloured or white socks
- Plain, dark coloured or natural tights
Shoes- Polishable plain black shoes
Jewellery- One stud or small sleeper, per ear lobe
- Wrist-watch
- Wrist band, for the duration of a campaign (e.g. Remembrance Day)
Outerwear- Dark coloured coat
- Waterproof outerwear
Appearance- Natural finger nails only - no extensions, gels or overlays
- Fingernails are appropriate in length, and natural in colour
- Natural hair colour
- Convential hair styles
- Subtle make-up

Please note that skirts and trousers should be business-like and certain ‘styles’ are not permitted.  These include:

  • Jean style
  • Jeggings/ skinny/ tight, fashion style
  • ‘Embellished’ with additional zips/embellishments

To complement the business-like approach of the uniform, hair should be a natural colour and students should not have shaved patterns or ‘sculpted lines’. Whilst make-up may be worn, it should be subtle and only natural tones should be worn. From a health and safety perspective it is imperative that students do not wear false nails of any length. Subtle, single-shade nail polish can be worn, but multi-coloured/ garish styles will need to be removed.

Once again, in the interests of health and safety, jewellery should not be worn at the academy with the exception of a watch and one small pair of stud/sleeper earrings. No other items will be permitted.

Students who do not comply with the uniform code will have items loaned by Student Services until the end of the academy day. Further to this, any items that do not comply with the uniform code will be sent to student services for safekeeping until the end of the day. Parents will be notified of any such issues and failure to comply with the above will result in a loss of social time (and possibly additional sanctions) until the issue is resolved.


To ensure a prompt start to all lessons and accelerated levels of progress it is imperative that all students arrive at school properly equipped to learn. Students are expected to have the following items every day:

  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Learning journal
  • Knowledge organiser
  • Scientific calculator (where appropriate for key stage 4 maths students)