Peer Mentors

This is overseen by Mr Rogers – students apply for the role in Year 10 using an official application and go through interview (we try to get 10).

The successful students then receive several training sessions to develop their personal skills and communication skills. After this they then start by supporting in tutor time for Year 7 and intake days for Year 6.  The support they provide is help with homework, ensuring student planners are up to date during tutor time, being a reading buddy and they also man the peer mentor room during lunch so students can approach them to discuss any issues they have.

This can range from friendship issues, bullying issues, difficulties in lessons and disagreements, both in school or out.  Mentors know what they can deal with and they also know the correct staff they need to approach with any concerns.

Students find it helpful to have someone closer to their own age to discuss issues with and they benefit by gaining support from their peer group who can go along and support them if they feel it is needed.

Mentors work from March through to March to allow for them to then revise and complete any sessions for their exams so they start in Year 10 and finish in Year 11.

The service they provide is confidential unless there are any concerns over a mentees personal safety, if this is the case again mentors know how to deal with and report sensitive issues. On the whole the mentors are a valuable asset to staff, students and school alike.


The school is open from 4th January 2021 for vulnerable and key worker students only.