The Progress and Guidance system at Kirkby College has been much praised over recent years including by OFSTED.

As the name suggests, the Progress and Guidance system is concerned with the whole student, not only having an overview on their Progress in lessons but also with Behaviour & Safety and Attendance.

When students arrive at Kirkby College from primary school there has been much discussion with their primary school about their ability and progress. On the basis of this information students are placed in tutor groups of varying ability from all our partner primary schools.

Parents are encouraged to contact the school whenever they wish to and particularly if they are worried about anything. If pupils are to gain maximum benefit from their education at Kirkby College it is important for us all to communicate regularly and share our concerns, worries and problems. Young people may experience some difficulties as they develop into adults and in Year 7 we have experienced staff that will ensure all students have the support they need to overcome any difficulties. We encourage all our pupils to treat each other with respect and we reinforce this in lessons and assemblies.

Each tutor group is cared for by a form tutor with the Progress and Guidance Co-ordinator having the overall responsibility for the tutor groups. The PaG co-ordinator is also responsible for putting in place intervention strategies where a student may be underachieving or identifying students for rewards where appropriate. This may involve trips or excursions or time off timetable in some cases. In the past tangible rewards have also been given for example a recent attendance reward was in the form of a personalised engraved Ipad!

During the years that follow, the Progress & Guidance teams are influential in guiding the specific year groups. Year 8 is now an important year in terms of the options process. Many important decisions are made during this year about course choices and support is given to students to inform this moving into year 9 and key stage 4.

We liaise very closely with other institutions such as local Universities who provide additional support in the form of organised sessions, visits and inspirational assemblies. This does in many cases raise the aspirations of some of our students who may not have considered this route.

The Tutor time programme is also an intrinsic part of the PaG system with each year group having their own programme specific to their year. In Year 10 students also go out on a ‘work experience’ placement which is a great way for them to get a taste of the world of work and again, this is supported in the tutor time programme.

In year 11, the focus is very much around coursework and exams and ensuring that our students maximise their potential. Again the role of the tutor and PaG is very important in caring for our students and identifying and removing barriers to learning to ensure they do the very best they can.

The school is open from 4th January 2021 for vulnerable and key worker students only.