Nurturing Student Leadership at Kirkby College

Over your time spent here in the Kirkby College Sixth Form you will have the opportunity to undertake several leadership positions; we believe that leadership is an integral part of enhancing your chances of future employability; and will develop many skills that will be required in any kind of employment.  The following leadership opportunities are available to you.

Here are just some of the various leadership opportunities available at Kirkby College:

Celebration Leadership 

Here at Kirkby College we link and liaise with the outside community at every opportunity to ensure that our students develop a strong bond with others.  In this photo Mr Amos from Bracken Hill School is delivering an assembly to enable our sixth form students to develop leadership roles at his school.  These will enhance the employabilty skills and opportunites for our students.



Young Drivers Workshop


In order to keep our students safe on the roads Kirkby College supports the delivery of a Young Drivers Workshop each year. The intention of this is to make sure that KS5 students respect the potential dangers of driving a car.



Each year, numerous Kirkby College students make the short journey to KPMG’s Nottingham office. KPMG are a global, multi-billion pound company who offer professional services, such as accountancy and audit, to other companies. The students develop their interview skills by looking at typical questions and practising their answering techniques. They also have the opportunity to find out more about career pathways KPMG offers; including the school leavers programme, and quiz currently employees. The day finished with a mock Dragon’s Den activity, when the students had to pitch for investment to revitalise a restaurant’s fortunes. The student’s always enjoy the day and represent Kirkby College in a very positive fashion. The purpose of the day is to create careers awareness, enable our 6th Form studies as a learning and employment process; and motivate students to succeed in a professional environment.

Careers Support

At Kirkby College 6th Form, we support all students with their career aspirations.  All of our students have mock interviews and numerous career based days where they create their own professional CV and develop their letter of application skills.  All students complete numerous careers based audits; which allow our team of experts to guide their future career flight plan.



Young Enterprise

All sixth form students will have the opportunity to experience Young Enterprise whilst at Kirkby College during extended tutor time lessons. Here are three photographs of our students taking part:



Tutor time

At Kirkby College we support our 6th Form students with one to one discussion which offer new schemes and support learning and study skills.

Half Termly Review Booklets

Here is another student displaying his Half Termly Review booklet which is designed to support students with attendance, attainment, careers and leadership roles. Tutors discuss progress and set new targets for each half term with their students during tutor time lessons.


Termly Rewards

At Kirkby College we always attempt to reward and recognise the efforts of our 6th Form students by distributing various reward trophies to highlight outstanding practice and progress.  Awards include Faculty trophies, Attendance trophies and Leadership trophies.  All of these will hopefully allow our students to feel valued and also serve as material which will enable them to display themselves in a positive light in any possible future interviews they have.




International Students

Here at Kirkby College we aim to introduce our 6th Form students to the global world by inviting foreign students to study at our 6th Form centre.  Whilst here our international students support Kirkby College students understand other educational systems and cultures; as well as support the Modern Foreign Languages Faculty with their language expertise.




National Citizen Award

At Kirkby College we always seek to give our students platforms where they can succeed in the modern world; here is an assembly based upon the National Citizen Award.  Guest speakers delivered this, enabling our 6th Form students to invest their future in the scheme.  During tutor time and extended lessons this enterprise is delivered.



Sports Leaders

The following students are representatives of Kirkby College in the District Sports Leadership Academy. They undertake the following responsibilities:


Outside of school in the Ashfield partnership


In school




The school is open from 4th January 2021 for vulnerable and key worker students only.