Student Services is located in Lower School opposite the Performance Hall entrance, next to Lower School staff room. You may go to Student Services before school, during break and lunchtime or at tutor time (only with tutor’s permission). If you have forgotten your PE kit, your cooking ingredients or your dinner money, or you think you are going to be late home from school and you need to let your parents know, you can go to Student Services and they will let you phone home.

If you have an appointment at the dentist, the optician or the doctor during the school day you need to go to Student Services to get a pass out – don’t forget to report back to Student Services when you return to school from your appointment. However, if you are ill and you feel you need to go home, get a note from your teacher or tutor, take it to Reception and see Mrs Fryer, who is a registered first aider, and she will give you a pass out after checking with your parents that they are agreeable to you going home.

The Attendance Office is also located at Student Services and if you are late to school you should report to the Attendance Officer when you arrive to make sure you get a mark. This prevents the Attendance Officer ringing home unnecessarily because you haven’t had a mark and sometimes causing distress at home if your parents think you are in school.

There are a number of services available from the Student Services office:

Equipment and Stationery

Students are able to purchase the following items:


The following forms are available from Student Services:

Lost Property

Please bring any items of value you may find to Student Services where we store lost property for a while. However, items do tend to build up and due to a lack of space, any unclaimed items of lost property are disposed of on a regular basis.

It is a good idea to have your name clearly written inside items of uniform and clothing to enable us to identify who they belong to. Please be careful with your personal belongings and remember, do not bring expensive electronic items or pieces of jewellery into school as the school cannot be held responsible for the loss of such items. This would include your mobile phone as well.

Payments and school trips

If you are going on a school trip or need to make a payment for something, money is usually collected at Student Services. Please check with the trip co-ordinator for confirmation of this, and for details of any arrangements for paying in installments. Cheques should be made payable to “Kirkby College”.

Parental permission slips/consent forms should also be handed in with your payment.

The school is open from 4th January 2021 for vulnerable and key worker students only.