We take great pride at being able to offer high-quality opportunities and activities for enrichment, which support the curriculum outside of the classroom and beyond the academy day. These activities are an important and exciting feature of academy life and contribute enormously to our students’ social and academic development.

There is an extensive timetable of extra-curricular activities on offer – this can be found here:

Enrichment TimetableThis includes exceptional performing arts and sporting provision and opportunities to take part in workshops and field trips. Our success in team and individual sports is something we are very proud of.

We also offer students the chance to experience different cultures and experiences through our national and international visits and to educational venues linked to curricular areas.

We are currently restricted with the number of after-school activities we can offer due to Covid-19. This is constantly being revisited in line with Government guidance, but we hope to be able to offer a full range of activities again in the not-too-distant future.

Trips and visits

Kirkby College has a strong commitment to the value of learning through carefully planned educational visits linked to the curriculum, allowing students to put their learning into context and/or practice. Our students take part in trips and visits such as:

  • Theatre trips
  • Visits to exhibitions and museums
  • University visits
  • Residential trips
  • Overseas trips
  • Sports fixtures
  • STEM visits
  • Voluntary and community outreach

STEM activities

The academy provides a wide range of opportunities for students to explore STEM activities such as pop up planetarium visits, careers workshops with local employers, and business and enterprise days.

PSCHE days

We run ‘drop down’ days regularly, which are linked to PSCHE and our careers provision. During these days, students have the opportunity to hear from visiting speakers, external providers, and to meet prospective employers, such as the armed forces, the Police force and the NHS, to find out about future career pathways.