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At Kirkby College we aim to create an ethos of driving forwards with the highest levels of attainment support possible; enabling our highest achievers to develop their CV and enrichment opportunities  – therefore maximising their chances of getting into the elite universities.  Here is one of our students – Aleks Kornov attending a Villiers Park residential; where he studied engineering for one week with other high attaining students from other schools from across England.

6th Form Trip to the UCAS FairDSCF1005


This half term a group of Kirkby College 6th Form students who aspire to go to university attended the UCAS fair, held at the Sheffield Arena.  The purpose of the trip was to gain an understanding of university entry requirements, gain an awareness of university experiences; and attend various seminars, which informed students on how to increase their chances of a successful university application.  The Kirkby College 6th Form team always aspire to support all students with regards to their educational progression, and maximise their potential.


Cambridge University Trip

Hi, I’m Alek Kornov, and am currently in the Kirkby College 6th Form.  Mr Goodwin organised for me to visit Cambridge University for the day – I intend to study engineering there:  The tour of Peterhouse College allowed me to see where students eat, study, live; which impressed me, and led me to possess an even greater drive and determination to pass my Cambridge University entrance tests. During the day, I was involved in an admissions tutor talk; later there was a science fair, where I asked questions specifically about the engineering course. I really liked the projects they were undertaking – like making robots and holographic technology. I was able to see what it would be like to be an engineering student at Cambridge and I really liked it.  The entry requirements are A*A*A in Maths, Physics and another science subject; which are quite high, but I am predicted such grades. Overall, I really enjoyed and appreciated the trip, because I found out much more about Cambridge University; now I want to study engineering at Cambridge even more.  I would like to thank Kirkby College for giving me such a wonderful opportunity!


Inspire Mentoring Scheme

My name is Oliver Weston; and I am a Kirkby College 6th form student who has taken part in the Inspire mentoring scheme for the past two years. This scheme is incredibly beneficial; it has helped me with numerous things, such as developing my CV, and university Personal statement. The Mentoring scheme supports students with crucial decisions; such as possible university and course options.  A mentor is someone that is approachable and friendly and professional. Through enjoyable discussions you discover about university experiences; and this gives you more knowledge of university life overall; which has allowed me to improve my career plan; and get the most out of my time at Kirkby College.

Higher Education Provision


Derby University.



Nottingham University.


uni nottm

“At The University of Nottingham we aim to guide young people to fulfil their academic potential, and have worked closely with Kirkby College for a number of years in order to do that. Kirkby College take full advantage of our range of outreach opportunities in order to support their students in raising aspirations and achievement. The broad Higher Education package they have put together in conjunction with three local universities will really help their students to plan for the future”. Nottingham University


“Kirkby College are a fantastic institution working with a variety of local university providers, giving their students the best possible opportunities”.  Derby University


 “Kirkby College have engaged with the Nottingham Trent University outreach programme at a consistently high level for a number of years. The College are always extremely positive about raising pupil aspiration and attainment from Year 7 through to Post-16 and genuinely strive to support all pupils in achieving their full potential. This has included engagement in the full range of our classroom based outreach activities, visits to the university, subject specific master-classes, classroom support provided by trained university students and 1-1 mentoring of pupils.

The College’s extremely positive attitude towards pupil achievement and aspirations is perhaps best exemplified in the provision for Post-16 students. For many Post-16 students, the options for next-steps and applying to university can be a very daunting prospect. From the experience gained through our partnership, we have seen that Kirkby College do their utmost to ensure that all students feel informed and supported so that they are able to make positive decisions about their future. Our partnership with The College has developed to such an extent that we now deliver a series of impartial sessions with Post-16 students which cover all aspects of the higher education decision making and application process. This is complimented by post-16 specific mentoring support and further opportunities for students to explore their progression options on visits to The University. Overall, it is a pleasure for Nottingham Trent University to engage with such a positive and proactive school who engage so energetically with our programme of activities and genuinely have the best interests of their pupils at heart”. Nottingham Trent University
Premium Partners of Kirkby College

Listed below are the different local institutions that invest time, expertise and resources into Sixth Form team.  We value their professionalism, integrity and expertise most highly; and they all support of Sixth Form students raise their chances of employability.


Vocational Qualifications


Sixthform Taster Day for Year 11 Students

At Kirkby College we aim to create a long term vision concerning attainment progression; we strive to link qualification pathways to future career opportunities.  During our Year eleven Transition Days we inform students of 6th Form provision at Kirkby College.  Students have the chance to experience Taster Lessons from across the curriculum; and gain a richer understanding of how their choices affect their employment directions in the near future.  We also inform students of our detailed and extensive enrichment programme – which is designed to prepare our students with key employability skills that are needed for the modern world.



The school is open from 4th January 2021 for vulnerable and key worker students only.